Chef de cuisine Aleksandr Grintšuk


Already in his childhood,

when others where dreaming of becoming

a policeman, Gourmet Coffee City`s chef

was pulled to cooking.


Our masterchef wants to

develop his skills and take part

in exciting projects.


„Every situation has a way out,

you just need to use your imagination.“


Gourmet Coffee City

Gourmet Coffee City offers a wide selection of breakfast and brunch menus, where every ingredient is matched with our great selection of speciality coffees by Coffee People. Gourmet Coffee appreciates the greatness of local and clean organic Estonian ingredients. We believe there are forgotten or undiscovered ingredients hiding in Estonian forests, fields and waters, which anticipate to embellish our plates.


You can let your fantasy go wild with our selection of wines, with fresh pastries and homemade cakes.


The store of Gourmet Coffee has a ideal assortment of Coffee People`s coffees and the world famous Ronnefeldt teas.